Centering Microscope with 20mm Diameter Shank

  • $1,200.00

Centering microscope is used for machine tools spindle, it can be centered to work on center of machine's spindle precisely and easily. We accept your order for special reticles (to be ordered separately) or special shank (provided shank).

Shank Straight :20mm in diameter
Eyepiece WF10×
Reticles Concentric circle with crossline
Total magnification 20×
Working distance(W.D.) 55mm
Field of view φ8mm
Centring accuracy ±0.005mm (factory setting)
Light source White LED
Power source Illuminator with AC adapter (availabl AA battery X4)
Supplemental note Example of use: universal milling machine, jig boring machine, electrical discharge machining machine, boring machine, drilling machine, diamond cutting machine, etc