QT-ADM2-35 2 axis controller driver

  • $1,295.00

-2-axis controller driver AC90 ~ 240V 50/60Hz Power supply voltage (phase 0.35A /).
-Jog operation by QT-AK box, step movement, teaching behavior, such as one-touch speed switching is possible.
-Storing a program created by the application of dedicated software supplied as standard, automatic operation of a single controller.
-To the liquid crystal display operation unit box (mm, μm, etc. Simple display decimal degree symbol, the minutes and seconds time) is possible.
-As an interface for PC, equipped with a standard (LAN) RS-232C, Ethernet.
In conjunction with the QT-AT, other equipment by the general-purpose input and output various signals input and output, the output drive pulse, the output / stop move, any step pulse output, built-CH program selection input, pulse input drive, such as input, start moving connection is possible with.
Independent control of each axis, linear interpolation between the two axes move is possible.
The drive is equipped with a standard feature from the S-shaped acceleration and deceleration smooth trapezoidal drive is possible.
Equipped with an electromagnetic brake control function. Electromagnetic brake control is possible by combination of (sold separately) QT-BK.