Roll Scope RMM-A3

  • $5,850.00

Roll Scope is an upright metallurgical microscope, which makes it easy to take anywhere and the observation can be conducted by placing the microscope main unit on a large mine samples. Equipped with built-in epi-illumination, AA battery can be used. Three objectives, M5X, M10X and M40X are equippped with 3 hole revolver. With the options of attachment of a dial gauge and use of an adapter, digital camera shooting is available.

Microscope tube

Monocular viewing head with C mount (0.7X), 3 hole revolver


M5X, M10X, M40X


WF10X, WF20X (replaceable)

Travel of microscope tube

Front ‐ rear direction : 50mm, right - left direction: 30mm


Coarse movement: 50mm, fine movement: 2mm


White LED

Power source

LED reflected illumination (AA battery X4)

AC adapter

Dedicated AC adapter


Yellow, green (replaceable)


Main unit 4.6kg, AC adapter 0.3kg